…it really made me and my family feel so much better when I found your web site. You guys have a lot of good info that has helped me cope over the years…I’m happy to know am not alone. by C.U. (KY)

Welcome to the Raynaud's Association

  • If your fingertips, toes or any other extremity become painful when exposed to cold temperatures, you might be suffering from Raynaud's phenomenon.
  • If holding an iced drink - or putting your hands in the freezer - causes your fingers to turn blue (or white), you could be one of an estimated 28 million people in the US who have Raynaud's phenomenon.
  • If air conditioning often triggers your fingers or toes to hurt, you might be experiencing a Raynaud's spasm.

The Raynaud's Association is here to help. We're a 501c3 non-profit organization providing support and education to the many sufferers of Raynaud's Phenomenon - an exaggerated sensitivity to cold temperatures.

What Is Raynaud's

Raynaud’s (ray-NODES) is named for the French physician Maurice Raynaud, who first recognized the condition in 1862. The disease causes an interruption of blood flow to the fingers, toes, nose, and/or ears when a spasm occurs in the blood vessels of these areas. Spasms are caused by exposure to cold or emotional stress. Typically, the affected area turns white, then blue, then bright red over the course of the attack. There may be associated tingling, swelling, or painful throbbing. The attacks may last from minutes to hours. In severe cases, the area may develop ulcerations and infections, which can lead to gangrene.

Raynaud’s can occur as a “primary” disease; that is, with no associated disorder. It can also occur as a “secondary” condition related to other diseases, such as scleroderma, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Approximately 5-10 percent of all Americans suffer from Raynaud’s, but only one out of five sufferers seeks treatment. Both men and women suffer from Raynaud’s, but women are nine times more likely to be affected. Some researchers estimate as many as 20% of all women in their childbearing years have Raynaud’s.

Although it’s been over 100 years since Raynaud’s was recognized, little is still known about the condition, its cause, or its cure. The Raynaud’s Association seeks to raise awareness and understanding of this perplexing phenomenon.

In The News…

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HXT Marathon Microwaveable Mittens

For Raynaud’s sufferers seeking the warmth of heated mittens, without the gizmos and recharging required with battery-heated solutions, Heat X-change Technology has created HXT, a microwaveable mitten.  Microwave this mitten for 40 seconds and you’ll have warm hands for up to 3 hours! The secret sauce to these mittens is the combination of the thermal […]

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The Raynaud’s Association gets asked this question over and over again:  “What are the best gloves for people with Raynaud’s?” As much as we’d like to say we’ve found the perfect solution, there is no one perfect glove or mitten for Raynaud’s sufferers.   If only it was that simple!  But no one glove will work […]

Glider Gloves

Touchscreen-friendly gloves serve an important role for Raynaud’s sufferers, since exposing our frosted paws outside to send or receive messages can result in painful attacks. We wanted to find a good solution for fellow Frosties and found one in Glider Gloves. My first reaction to the gloves was – a bit thick for a liner, […]

Introducing our New Mascot: Shivers!

The support for making this cute Blue-footed Booby the new “spokesbird” for the Raynaud’s Association has been incredible! Here’s our original post where we shared our discovery of this adorable creature with blue feet.  We’ve read that their deep blue color plays an important role in the mating game (video) for this breed in attracting […]

We Need a Warm Helping Hand

A woman grew up cold much of the time as a child.  She didn’t understand why she couldn’t wear the strappy little dresses or cute sandals worn by her friends without being in pain.  As she grew into her mid-thirties, suddenly the pain in her feet on cold days was unbearable.  She would go barefoot […]

How and Why I Ran 50 Miles for Raynaud’s Awareness

By Rachel Boehm You may have heard I dedicated my first 50-mile run, the JFK 50, to Raynaud’s awareness. Many of those who heard about this via the Raynaud’s Association’s Facebook page asked about my strategy for staying warm. Here’s what I did (for more tips on endurance events, check out my blog post geared […]

Raynaud’s Member Tips – Fall 2014

Catherine (Facebook Fan) suggests:  “I have been known to use my nose when my finger doesn’t register on a touch screen. :-)”  We’ve all been there, trying to punch numbers into the ATM and nothing happens.  It may look funny, but could be effective! Claire (Facebook Fan) shared the following idea:  “Tip for anyone  working in […]