CosySoles Microwave Heated Slippers

CosySoles Microwave Heated Slippers

We’ve tried a number of rice-based microwaveable slippers in the past and haven’t been all that impressed.  So when we were approached by CosySole’s team, we were skeptical, but CosySoles Microwave Heated Slippers stood up to the test!

The issue we’ve had with most rice-based heated slippers is that they generally aren’t “walkable;” the soles of the slippers tend to be uneven on the bottom, making it difficult to walk comfortably.  That’s not the case for CosySoles – the slippers have a smooth, flat bottom surface.  You’re not really conscious of the rice as you move because the grains are spread throughout the top portion of the slipper, not the sole, allowing for easy mobility while the heat-retentive natural grains distribute warmth evenly to the entire surface of your foot.

And these soft booties are really comfy!  The fabric is a double layer of quality polar fleece that reaches up over the ankle (with the option to fold them down).  The natural stretch built into the fleecy fabric will adapt comfortably to your feet.  Plus there’s an adjustable Velcro® ankle strap to help keep the booties securely in place while protecting them from losing any yummy heat, a welcome product feature.

The heating process is simple because there are no inserts or assembly required, and no batteries to recharge for hours or wires to connect.  Just pop the slippers into the microwave.  Assuming you’re warming both together (and trust me, if you heat only one slipper, your other foot will be really sorry!), it takes from 1.5 to 2.5 minutes (pending the size).  Then place your cold tootsies in these toasty booties for heavenly warmth!  The microwave process also kills bacteria, something to think about in these challenging times.

The heat is more of a therapeutic, soothing warmth. not too hot or burning, yet warm enough to experience the heat (unlike some products that are more subtle, and you only feel the lack of heat when exiting them). 

The instructions are short, but very specific:  Microwave time is a function of the number of slippers you’re warming and their size (Smalls take about 45 seconds, Larges 1.25 minutes; double the warming time for heating both slippers together).  The first few times, they may seem a bit moist – we’re told this is a natural process caused by the moisture in the grain but will be reduced after a few uses.  I personally didn’t notice the issue with the slippers but did when trying their glove product.

It was mid-summer when I tested CosySoles and difficult to find just the right time to give them a try, but on one chilly, rainy day after a hurricane in our area, I was in the mood for some soothing therapy, and it was most welcome, just wish the warmth lasted longer!  I was aware of the heat for about 20 to 25 minutes, but even later after removing the booties, I could tell the slipper environment was still warmer than room temperature because the ankle strap helped maintain some of the heat.

One alert about these toasty slippers:  Be careful walking on a polished wood floor.  They do not have rubberized bottoms (probably an issue for microwaving), so the fabric can be a bit slick walking too fast with them on.  But as part of a therapeutic experience, why rush wearing these warm booties?  Slow down and enjoy the warmth!

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CosySoles come in two neutral colors (Black and Beige) and three unisex sizes (S,M,L) – check their sizing chart to determine the best fit.  For International Frosties, here’s welcome news:  The web site offers shopping across five currencies (a first for one of our Sponsors!).  They sell for a U.S. dollar price of $56.95, that’s about one-third the price you’d pay for a battery-powered product, so it’s a great value.  

As a Corporate Sponsor of the Raynaud’s Association, our members receive a 10% discount with the Promotional Code RAYNAUDS.  Use the link below to order and let us know how you like CosySoles Microwave Heated Slippers!


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