Nominate a “Doc that Rocks”

The Arthritis Foundation understands how important the right healthcare professional is in the fight against arthritis. To show appreciation for their good work, the Arthritis Foundation is honoring the “docs that rock” at upcoming Arthritis Walk events across the country.Let's Move Together Logo

Patients can nominate their favorite healthcare professional – whether that be a rheumatologist who has worked diligently to find the right therapies to control a patient’s symptoms, a nurse who calms an anxious JA patient during exams or the family physician who realized the aches and pains were something more serious – by mailing in a short form or by visiting the My Doc Rocks page on   Once nominated, both the patient and the healthcare professional will receive an invitation to their local Arthritis Walk event, where they will meet with other healthcare providers and patients who have the same type of relationship.

For additional information, visit us on the web at