Raynaud’s Sufferers Wanted for Research Study

Survey is now closed.  We had an awesome response – thanks for your support!

Orion Pharma, a pharmaceutical company based in Finland, would like to gather information about Raynaud’s from people suffering from this condition.  The data gathered in the research will be used by Orion to help develop a new class of medication for Raynaud’s patients.

Specifically, Orion is looking to better understand the medical needs of people with Raynaud’s and how they cope with the condition.  Sufferers participating in the research will be asked to provide information on three main topics:

  • Background on your Raynaud’s condition
  • How you control the symptoms of Raynaud’s
  • Basic information on yourself (demographics, geography)

Here’s the link:  (Survey Closed)

We encourage Raynaud’s sufferers to take a few minutes and complete the survey.   It’s a great way to help the Raynaud’s community!