Part 2: Myths About Raynaud’s 6 – 10

While Raynaud’s is a very widespread but little know medical disorder, not much has been published on the subject, and unfortunately some material available about Raynaud’s  is inaccurate.  That makes it difficult for people to identify symptoms and request appropriate treatment options.  So we worked with our partners at HotHands® to create two infographics on common myths about Raynaud’s.

Here’s Part 2 with common myths about Raynaud’s.  It includes:

  1. Raynaud’s is merely a nuisance, not a medical condition
  2. Episodes always involve the red, white and blue color changes
  3. The only treatment is to stay warm
  4. Raynaud’s is only an issue in cold climates
  5. Raynaud’s sufferers are likely to lose fingers and toes

Common Myths About Raynaud's


Click here to view Part 1. It covers:

  1. Raynaud’s is a rare disease
  2. A formal test can diagnose Raynaud’s
  3. Only fingers and toes are affected
  4. Raynaud’s sufferers have poor circulation
  5. Raynaud’s is an allergy to the cold

Here’s our full article on 10 Myths About Raynaud’s Phenomenon with more narrative on each myth.

For more information about Raynaud’s, check out our 35-page guide The Cold Facts on Raynaud’s at