Hello Fellow Frosties!

Welcome to the new version of our web site.  For some time members have been able to read and post news, ask questions, and share treatment ideas through our Forum.  And we’re happy to report our Forum has grown to over 2,000 members!

But we understand that not every Raynaud’s sufferer will want to join the Forum.  And, given the all-volunteer army of three supporting the Raynaud’s Association at headquarters plus our limited budget, newsletters can only be published twice a year.   So we wanted to add the ability to post news, important info for Raynaud’s patients, and highlight articles from our newsletters right on our home page.  The new format will help us share more current information with members and will give Raynaud’s patients the opportunity to share their input and opinions on these postings and help further the dialogue among fellow Frosties.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new format, and will be vocal with us in sharing your ideas about additional ways we can improve this web site and our communications with members.

In the meantime, we’re glad you found us and please know that you’re not alone!