We’re happy to announce Gerbings’s Core Heat Products is the Raynaud’s Association’s new Site Sponsor.  You may already know about the company’s rechargeable, battery-operated heated products and how they provide warmth to protect us Frosties against winter chills. 

What you probably don’t know is that the company’s spokesperson Stephanie Rainey is a Raynaud’s sufferer.   Hear Stephanie’s story:


Stephanie Rainey for Gerbing Core Heat Fleece Gloves

Stephanie’s passions are hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, archery, backpacking – if it’s an outdoor sport, it’s on Stephanie’s “to do” list.  She shares her outdoor adventures as host of the TV show Stepping Outdoors, a cable program about the people and places of the White Mountains of Northern Arizona.  Stephanie finds that the warmth of Gerbing’s allows her to tolerate the cold temperatures she battles in cold weather sports, while the gloves’ flexibility allows her to operate a camera – important in her role as photographer, videographer and freelance writer.

Come meet Stephanie at our National Conference July 31st.  She’ll be participating in our live product demo session!  For more information or to register for the conference, click here.

For more information about Gerbing’s Core Heat Fleece Gloves, click here for our Product Review.

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