Agloves Holiday Gift to You

Raynaud’s Association members receive a 15% discount on all orders from Agloves, but for the holiday season it gets even better:  Take 20% off your entire Agloves purchase this week only (through December 9th)*. Enter coupon code silverbells at checkout to receive your discount.

Agloves are lightweight, stretchy gloves knitted with silver nylon.  Silver helps to reflect body heat and regulate temperature.  Silver is also highly conductive, which means these gloves are great for using touch screen devices, like smartphones, iPads, iPods and other mobile devices – without taking your gloves off and feeling the cold!

Makes a great gift – so buy a pair for youself and spread the comfort and joy!


*Offer limited to one per customer.  Valid through December 9, 2011 on all styles of Agloves, Agloves Sport, Agloves Bamboo and gift wrapping.


  1. Hello,
    Hello, I’m new here. I’m a 60 year old female. Diagnosed w/Raynaud’s around 20 yrs old. Wasn’t too bad but recently getting frostbite even in the supermarket. I live in NY and the winter is brutal this year. My gloves don’t help. I have MS and as the doctors tell me most likely Lupus too. I have Relapsing Polychondritis which is a rare autoimmune disease of the cartilage and some connective tissue. My symptoms with that overlap with some of the pain of my MS. My ear cartilage flares up when I put my head on the pillow and lay on my ears. Very painful. Also get the “MS Hug” and also chondritis problems in the ribs.
    I’d like to hear how these gloves and socks have helped as it would be nice to get this problem under control. Thank you

  2. Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately Agloves are no longer being manufactured, but existing inventory can be purchased through Amazon. Silver is highly conductive, helping to regulate the body’s temperature. Here’s a link to another product – silver travel socks ( – we reviewed on our web site. It explains the benefits of silver material for us Frosties. Agloves are relatively thin, so they make a great glove liner, they offer good dexterity as cover when you’re cold indoors, like traveling on an airplane, but will not be enough protection alone in freezing temperatures. On those days, you might try heated charcoal packs ( or heated gloves/mittens ( Hope this info is helpful!

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