Raynaud’s Association members receive a 15% discount on all orders from Agloves, but for the holiday season it gets even better:  Take 20% off your entire Agloves purchase this week only (through December 9th)*. Enter coupon code silverbells at checkout to receive your discount.

Agloves are lightweight, stretchy gloves knitted with silver nylon.  Silver helps to reflect body heat and regulate temperature.  Silver is also highly conductive, which means these gloves are great for using touch screen devices, like smartphones, iPads, iPods and other mobile devices – without taking your gloves off and feeling the cold!

Makes a great gift – so buy a pair for youself and spread the comfort and joy!


*Offer limited to one per customer.  Valid through December 9, 2011 on all styles of Agloves, Agloves Sport, Agloves Bamboo and gift wrapping.

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