Love At First Touch!

Ford has created a car just for us Frosties! We love it not for its green hybrid features, not for its smart systems that self-adjust the handling or music to keep us from sleeping at the wheel, and not for its social network cabilities for friends to help find us quicker routes on the road…

We love it for its automatic preheat fearure: The driver can set the car to his or her favorite temperature and it will be warm and cozy waiting for you when you sit behind the wheel.

Before you run out for a test drive, bad news: This dream car isn’t real yet. It’s a concept vehicle depicting futuristic cars. Maybe if we all write to Ford and tell them how much we love this feature, they’ll prioritize it in a future release?

To read more on the Evos, here’s the link: Ford Evos, the Social Networking Vehicle of the Future