Freezing at Work? Tips for Frozen Frosties

You know the feeling  – it’s so hot outside even Raynaud’s sufferers are wilting, but at work the air conditioning brings on the artic chills (brrrr!).  How do we dress for work under these conditions, still look stylish, and not melt when we go back outdoors?

Frosties aren’t the only ones with this issue:  According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal frigid office temperatures in summer months is a top complaint at the office.  A study by The International Facility Management Association  found nearly two-thirds of office workers keep extra clothes and other accessories (blankets, personal heaters, etc.) to deal with the indoor chills.  Nice to know we’re not alone!

The Journal article offers some great tips from leading fashion designers and stylists for adding layers with a polished, contemporary looks.  Advice covers everything from avoiding preppy twinsets that can look dated today, to scarves being the “Swiss Army knives of accessories.”

Read the full article and check out the video and illustrated tips then let us know how these ideas work for you.  Got more ideas for dealing with summer air conditioning?  Send them to us at