Recruits Wanted for Botox® Clinical Trials

Southern Illinois LogoRaynaud’s patients are being recruited to participate in a clinical trial at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine’s Division of Plastic Surgery.

The trial examines the use of Botox® to relieve pain in the hands and fingers by increasing the blood flow.   This appears to be a follow-up study to the one we reported in an earlier blog post from September 2011.

For more information on the study, call Jenny at 217-545-7014, email, or learn more on SIU’s website.


  1. I was initially very interested in participating in this until I read ” Participants or their insurance will be billed for standard treatment and clinic visits.” It sounds like a great study, but it seems the only people who can participate must either be insured or have a generous amount of spending money. If it weren’t for that, and travel expenses, I’d be signing on the dotted line.

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