Runner - Warmer - Gloves - BootsOlivia (Facebook Fan) posted her tips for outdoor running in colder months on our Facebook Fan Page:  “I try to keep my upper body and arms as warm as possible and wear a pair of light gloves during my run, so I often am wearing shorts and then a long-sleeve tech shirt and sometimes a running jacket over top of that. My issue is having a Raynaud’s attack immediately after my run when my body temperature is starting to come down, so I make sure that I take off my sweaty top and put on a warm sweater and a new pair of thick gloves to slow down my body’s cooling. If at all possible, I jump into a warm shower ASAP.”  Thanks so much for sharing Olivia!

Sandy (Facebook Fan) shared her favorite boots:  “I have Bearpaw Meadow boots that I love. They are UGG-like but with a little heel rather than a flat base. Cheaper than UGGs and reviewers have commented that they are comparable to UGGs if not better.”  UGGS are the gold standard for many Frosties, so if Bearpaw’s can provide similar warmth at a great value, that’s good news!

Vicki in Indiana came to us in Fall 2011 with her tip for placing outdoorwear in the dryer just before walking her dogs twice a day in -5 degree weather.  Recently she came back to us with a new, more convenient approach:  “I used to put (my gloves) in th