Fingerless Gloves

A Wall Street Journal reader recently posed a question to Teri Agins, their fashion columnist, asking if fingerless gloves were a fad.

Her answer: “Fingerless gloves are truly mainstream and here to stay, so knock yourself out.”  That’s good news for Frosties who benefit from wearing these warm fashion accessories for practical reasons – the fashion statement is a bonus extra!

We’ve received questions from some of our Facebook Fans asking how a fingerless glove can possibly be helpful for Raynaud’s sufferers.   While it may seem confusing, fingerless gloves are useful for indoor use when we need a certain amount of dexterity for typing or household tasks.  They can also come in handy when traveling or in transit (commuter trains or airplanes) when we may want our hands free, but feel a chill.  Keeping the palm and wrists warm can help the blood circulate to the fingertips just as wearing a scarf around your neck can help keep the body warmer.

The great news today is how easy it is to find fingerless gloves in so many different styles, colors and fabrics .  The WSJ columnist references finding around 400 fingerless gloves on in a variety of prices ranging from casual to dressier style options!  We’ve loved the cushy Polartec Wristies sold by one of our Sponsors for many years, and featured the great wool prints offered in the Sundance catalog in recent newsletters .  Now we’re seeing fingerless gloves extend to and past the elbows in everything from shearling and lace to fur, leather and lambskin.  Men with Raynaud’s, don’t despair, there are even new macho styles on the market for fashionable male Frosties!

Here’s the Q&A as it was published in the Wall Street Journal. Please share your Frosties fashion finds with us at

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