Seeking UK Frosties for New TV Show

We were contacted by Optomen Television on behalf of a new TV series they are producing for Discovery Network.  Initially they are focused on filming in the UK, so Frosties in other parts of the globe can hope they’ll expand the program internationally.

The show is exploring a variety of health conditions in an effort to increase awareness of them, and they’ve specifically selected Raynaud’s Phenomenon as one of the conditions.  The information from their flyer below summarizes how you can help.  They are looking for Raynaud’s sufferers willing to share their stories and talk about what’s it’s like to live with Raynaud’s – something I’m sure we can talk about all day!  Participants will receive a consultation with a medical expert, so Frosties who are not near a good medical clinic, or have had trouble locating a knowledgeable resource in their area may find this a bonus extra.

Below is all the info and contact information if you’d like to participate.  (Note:  Optomen is based in the UK, so excuse the British spelling on some words!).

Discovery Networks Logo

New Medical Television Programme

Looking for People with Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Optomen Television, the BAFTA award-winning producers of Mary Portas: Queen of Shops, Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home and Heston Blumenthal’s Feast is producing a brand new TV medical series for the Discovery Network and we need your help.  

In this series, we’ll be exploring a variety of health conditions in the hope that we can raise awareness on them. We’re looking for people with Raynaud’s Phenomenon to take part in the programme to discuss their condition and to explain to others what it is like to live with it on a daily basis. By doing this, we’re hoping to raise general awareness on the condition, its symptoms and the types of treatment/care that is currently available.

We’ll also be working with a number of specialists throughout this series and, for those who take part in the programme, we can offer a free (off-screen) consultation with one of them. So perhaps you’d like a second opinion or advice on the types of treatments/care that is available to you?

For a no obligation, friendly and confidential chat with one of the team email or call 0203 227 5993 leaving your name, age and telephone number


Please Note: We will use and store the personal details contained in your email and any further response in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, for the purposes of producing the Programme. Optomen Logo