Cold Person ShiveringThis has been one of the worst winters on record for cold temperatures, and February carried the worst of the cold, wind, snow and ice this season in most areas.

New York isn’t home to all Frosties, but I think Raynaud’s sufferers everywhere can identify with this recent New York Times article on the frustrations of dealing with February’s weather in New York City where the average temperature was 19.9 degrees – the lowest on record since the Great Depression (yet another reason people were depressed!).  February included the lowest temperature reading ever registered in New York – 15 degrees below zero (brrr!).

Record temps aside, what struck me about this article are the comments made about coping with the cold.  There are some great one-liners that will make Raynaud’s sufferers smile because these are things we deal with constantly – not just in record cold seasons.  But maybe it helps to know we’re not alone this year in our misery!

Here are a few statements worth sharing:

  •  “…the only other chillier February on record than the present one was in 1885, when the temperature averaged 22.7 degrees and when people did not yet have hand warmers.”
  • “…you need so much time to pile on the layers of clothing and then time to remove the layers when you get there that you need to factor in extra hours for all the body enclosure work.”
  • “…some people actually relish the cold. It pumps them up. Makes them feel alive.  The North Pole still has room for them.”
  • “The toddler walking mitten in mitten with her mother, inquiring, “Mommy, why isn’t the heat working outside?”
  • “…a student who has been hunting for work. Her preference had been an art gallery, but she found it impossible to put on nice clothes and then add the multiple layers necessary to combat the cold. So the other day she was on her way to apply to be a waitress.”

The only good news about the weather?  To quote the New York Times, “It has to get warmer someday!”  If you’re curious, the lucky Frosties were those in Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Washington – all had their warmest winters on record!

Here’s the full article titled With White-Knuckle Grip, February’s Cold Clings to New York.


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