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Imagine a store filled with heated products – gloves, jackets, socks, vests, blankets, even heaters: every heated product you can imagine!  You’d think you’d arrived in Frostie heaven, right? No, you’ve just discovered The Warming Store (TWS), one of the largest online retailers of heated clothing, winter apparel, and electronic heating equipment.

Even better, The Warming Store discovered us! We were approached by one of the owners who told us that the more they learn about their customers, the more they recognized thousands of them suffer from Raynaud’s. In fact, Raynaud’s is one of the main issues they hear from their buyers. The Warming Store’s team understands the challenges facing Raynaud’s sufferers, and they asked if we could work together to help bring warmth to more Frosties. So we’re excited to announce that The Warming Store is now a Sponsor of the Raynaud’s Association.

TWS carries many of the major brands we’ve reviewed in the past (Volt, Gerbing, ThermaGloves), so rather than do our traditional product review, we’re sharing with you a blog post from TWS with their Heated Glove Guide . It includes a good overview of the options (including heated liners) and price ranges, manages expectations on the trade-offs, and then suggests several brands and products in the low, medium and high price categories.

One caveat: While there’s a lots of valuable information in the Guide, it’s written from a different perspective than the way we generally evaluate these products.  For example, those that make excellent ski gloves are given high marks for that attribute.  We look for gloves that don’t look and feel like ski gloves, as our members’ needs are more for daily tasks.  If a heated glove offers enough dexterity to put a coin in the parking meter without removing it, that’s a home run for us!  And often we’ll gladly trade-off heat