Fox News Raynaud’s Video

We were happy to see the Fox News affiliate in Hartford, CT ran a story helping to increase the awareness of Raynaud’s in their community:  For Raynaud’s sufferers, cold weather can be a problem.

Wish the doctor had been a bit more knowledgeable on a few facts (fingers turn blue from lack of oxygen during an attack, not because they are starting to warm up!), but overall good information.

Interesting to note that the female news anchor has Raynaud’s!  Here’s the video:

FOX10 News | WALA



  1. About the blue fingers, what the doctor said about the blue fingers correlates with me. After I start heating my fingers they turn dark blue/purple as they warm up and then regain their normal skin colour :S

  2. I appears there’s some divide on the issue with doctors. Here’s a quote from the Harvard Health Blog associated with Harvard Medical School about the color changes with Raynaud’s:…/cold-hands-raynauds…

    In a Raynaud’s attack, fingers turn white (A) as small arteries in the fingers (arterioles) tighten, restricting the flow of blood to the skin. As oxygen in the blood is depleted, the fingers turn blue (B) and become painful. Eventually, the arterioles relax, and blood once again enters the fingers, warming the skin and turning it red (C).

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