Hot Products for Spring 2017

This was a light season for new product discoveries, but we wanted to share one interesting product that appears promising for Frosties, and another that may not deliver on its promises based on customer reviews – both from the same company.

Heated Car Seat Pad – For Frosties who don’t have the luxury of heated car seats (which are wonderful!), this heated seat pad can warm your buns while driving on cold, frosty days.  It’s sold by Hammacher-Schlemmer, and in their testing it generated the highest heat levels (98.59 degrees F on highest setting) and provided the most even heat distribution reported by their panelists.  Has two settings – High and Low.  Fabric is polyester with foam padding. Four elastic straps hold it in place.  Works off the car’s DC outlet. Available in Black for $49.95.  Gets very positive reviews from buyers!

Heat-Storing Leather Gloves – These appear to be a great option for Frosties, as they are nice-looking, Thinsulate®-lined leather gloves that use technology developed for NASA astronauts to store heat and keep you warm.  The main claim is that the gloves “detect the temperature of your skin to ensure that no matter the weather, your hands won’t be too cold or too warm.” When you get cold, they release the heat stored in the microcapsule-insulated lining.  Sounds very scientific, and finding a leather glove that looks like one you might buy in Bloomingdale’s with this sophisticated warming technology would be a great find.  But when you read the reviews, don’t believe it!  I saw one positive review, but all of the rest say they don’t work as advertised.  Buyers complained that their hands still felt cold, that the gloves weren’t much better than other Thinsulate®-lined options, and that the leather was more like cheap plastic.  Too bad, it’s a great idea!  You can check them out at Hammacher-Schlemmer.  Sell for $79.95 in Black and Brown.  Available for men and women (different pages on the site).

Sorry the report on the leather gloves wasn’t positive, but if you’re interested in good-looking warm gloves and mittens, check out our new Sponsors.  Both are stylish and toasty!

UniqKnits™ Self-Heating Gloves 

Sweater Chalet’s Öjbro Wool Gloves and Mittens

If you try any of the above products, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to, post them in our Discussion Forum or on our Facebook Fan page.