Ever find yourself freezing in an airport and wish you’d brought something warmer to snuggle up in on the plane?  Or realized you forgot to pack your warm jacket on a trip headed north?  No problem – just look for the Uniqlo vending machine!

Uniqlo is stocking airport vending machines in limited markets with basic, travel-friendly warm clothes, including heat-retaining shirts and lightweight down jackets in a range of sizes and colors.   No lines, no waiting for sales help – just make your selection, insert your credit card, grab and go.

If you decide to return your purchase, it’s not quite that easy – find a store or send them back via postal mail, but you’re stuck carrying it with you.  Good news is at least the item comes in a box or a can you can use for re-packaging.

Great idea.  Now if they’d just put these vending machines on airplanes and trains where Frosties are often challenged by cold air blowing from every direction,  that would be even better!  I could have used one on a Metro North train just this past week…

Here’s the full article in the Wall Street Journal.


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