Raynaud’s Logo NoVirGuard™ Masks

Introducing our new Raynaud’s Logo NoVirGuard™ Masks!

When we saw these NoVirGuard™ Masks from our Sponsor at FibreHeat™ (previously known as UNIQKNITS™, makers of those great Self-Heating Gloves!), we were blown away by the quality and design. But the real difference in these masks is the built-in anti-viral filter offering 2-way protection: They protect both the wearer and the public at large. Plus there’s no sacrificing comfort for safety – compared to KN-95 medical masks, NoVirGuard™ Masks are more breathable and are washable for reuse.

We wanted to make them available to the Raynaud’s community featuring our logo of a Frostie on a pastel blue background reaching for and finding warmth. This logo character provides inspiration to all Raynaud’s sufferers that warmth and comfort are within reach. Wear them proudly to help us increase awareness of Raynaud’s phenomenon and reach the millions of people living with Raynaud’s who do not realize that their pain and discomfort have a medical explanation.

The outer fabric is 100% cotton, with leading-edge SILVERPLUS® antimicrobial silver ion finish, which makes a huge difference in the summer, preventing odors. (SILVERPLUS® is a registered trademark of the Rudolf Group, Germany). The cotton fabrics are free from chemical finishes that were never meant to be inhaled, which can be an issue with many homemade masks.

Raynaud's Logo NoVirGuard™ Masks

The built-in filter material is a specially designed polyester lab-certified screen for use in hospitals as a virus guard. This VirusGuard Nanoscreen™ filter provides 95+ percent droplet protection in compliance with CDC and WHO guidelines (VirusGuard Nanoscreen™ is a trademark of BMT Fibers). This special filter material transforms these fashionable fabric safety masks into performance lifestyle masks that deliver the right balance of safety and breathability for people on the move.

  • Adjustable 100% latex-free elastic ear loops for better fit and comfort
  • 3 different sizes for improved fit and better protection
  • Elastic extends from ear loops for easy “necklace hanging” when taking mask breaks (a user-requested feature)
  • These contoured style masks provide additional assurance that when the right size is chosen (click for sizing chart), air can only travel through the filter

These attractive and high-quality Raynaud’s Logo NoVirGuard™ Masks offer a unique combination of fashion, protection, and comfort not available in standard disposable or cloth masks we’ve found anywhere else. We hope you and your family will want several to help us promote Raynaud’s awareness during Raynaud’s Awareness Month in October and throughout the year!

Order Raynaud’s Logo NoVirGuard™ Masks now at the special introductory price of $22.95 in our Raynaud’s Store. And while you’re there, check out our full array of logo apparel and educational materials. Every purchase helps support our efforts in exploring ways to bring warmth, comfort – and now safety – to the Raynaud’s community.



Note: Not for clinical use

Care: Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low, remove while damp, hang dry. Tested to 100 washings without any degradation.

Design and quality workmanship by Upmarket Stitchers, New Bedford, MA
Made in USA

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