This Year’s Raynaud’s Awareness Month Theme

Inner Voice May Be Saying It's Raynaud's

Our theme for this year’s Raynaud’s Awareness Month campaign is “Your Inner Voice May Be Saying It’s Raynaud’s.”

Past annual campaigns have focused on the physical symptoms of Raynaud’s phenomenon (white or blue fingers, numbness and tingling).  Others have promoted the statistics that show how Raynaud’s is such a widespread, but little known medical condition (5 to 10% of the population, 20% of women of childbearing age).

This year we took a different approach by  featuring the common questions many people with Raynaud’s ask themselves like “Why am I freezing when everyone around me is perfectly comfortable?” People with Raynaud’s often wonder why they’re the only ones wearing gloves and sweaters when others are in short sleeves and sandals. Or they may wonder why their fingers and toes go numb when they’re stressed.

As our efforts are focused on the 90% of sufferers who don’t know that their pain and discomfort has a medical explanation, we’re hoping these questions will get their attention and encourage them to take our short 5-question Raynaud’s Quiz and see a doctor to confirm their suspicions.

Please help us spread the word this October by sharing the link to our press release and promoting our Raynaud’s Quiz to friends, family and colleagues who might also be among the 15 to 30 million people who can benefit from listening when their inner voice may be saying it’s Raynaud’s.  It could be the first step in helping them learn more about this little known medical condition and taking steps to lead a warmer, more comfortable life.

Inner Voice May Be Saying It's Raynaud'sOne more request:  Our organization has no paid staff, it is run by volunteer board members who all have the disease, so they truly understand what it’s like living with Raynaud’s and want to make the world a warmer, more comfortable place for fellow Frosties.  All contributions to our cause are greatly appreciated!

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