Smart BandagesA recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled Bandages of the Future Will Talk to Your Doctor offers hope that a new generation of smart bandages will one day apply technology with the potential to “remotely monitor wounds, decrease scarring and speed up healing with a zap of light or electricity.”  That’s good news for Raynaud’s patients with challenging and painful digital ulcers.

Imagine a bandage that can detect the healing process on a wound and remotely transmit the wound’s status to a doctor.  It can monitor when a bandage needs to be changed.  If it detects infection, it can deliver antibiotics.  It could measure moisture which is an indication of the healing status of the wound. And it might even send out electrical currents to help speed the healing process, a form of electrotherapy clinically tested to improve wound healing.  Another feature outlined in the article involves the use of tiny LED ultraviolet lights to help sterilize wounds as they heal.  In a related YouTube video discussing research efforts in progress at Tufts University, smart bandages can also be equipped with heaters that can work to promote faster healing.

This may sound like something you’d see in a futuristic TV medical s