Heated Steering Wheel Cover – At What Price?

Steering WheelAs we’ve seen a great deal of interest in site search and past surveys for heated steering wheel covers, we’ve been in touch with a manufacturer who is working on product development for us Frosties.

Our manufacturing contact has researched what’s available in the market and what he’s mostly found appear to be lower-priced, not very effective options. He sees an opportunity for a superior product that is a high-quality, heated wrap that would not only feel comfortable to the touch when in the off mode, but when on, would be nice and toasty. The product would be powered by a hidden battery that can be plugged in when the car is parked, charged and ready to go when the driver is.

The key question we have is how much would you pay for such a product? Can you please give us some feedback? We’d really appreciate your input.