By Michele Jacobson, Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC)

Nutrition's Effect on Raynaud's DiseaseNutrition’s effect on Raynaud’s disease is a subject often questioned.  The occurrence and severity of symptoms for those who battle Raynaud’s disease is something that can be approached and, hopefully, influenced by nutritional factors.

The recommendations that I offer are related to two of the mitigating factors that affect Raynaud’s.  First, there is the vasospastic nature of the disease, in which the blood vessels of the extremities constrict.  This causes diminished circulation which then leads to temperature and skin (color) changes.  Second, there is the stress-related nature of the disease which can serve to trigger symptoms. 

Regarding nutrition’s effect on Raynaud’s disease, there are a number of nutritional recommendations which could prove to be beneficial. Some are simple omissions of foods and beverages which can adversely affect the system.  Some are vitamin related.  As always, it is wise to make your physician aware of any supplements you are taking.

It is a given that smoking should be avoided due to its vaso-restrictive properties.  Additionally, c