No More Queen of the Rainbow!

I have not had a single attack since I started on time release nitroglycerin tablets.  Before that? The queen of the rainbow. 

My first noticeable issue with Raynaud’s was in the early 80’s and my doctors kept telling me I must have frozen my feet and fingers. I’ve lived on niacin for years being the mainstay. My plan is not to let an attack continue over 30 minutes due to damage that could happen (and has). So a winter walk meant fast-acting niacin in my pocket, besides all the other 9-1-1 things to do.

I still do 1500 mg niacin daily, this is for my cholesterol—kills 2 birds with 1 stone.  At first the nitro gave me headaches till I got used to them. Last year I did not do them in the summer time.  Now I do them BID (twice a day).  No hot flashes, I feel normal (WARM) and find I can take pleasure in grocery shopping, having the windows/doors open with fans blowing, and wear normal seasonal clothing—even my swimsuit. Before I would swim but I would freeze.

I still have slight indicators with weather changes, even those are small.  I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as well, so add them all together and you can have quite a party.

I am a trained weather spotter for the national weather service—22 years now. Use my Raynaud’s, FMS, CFS, to help me predict what is going on. My body is always correct. The gang at the NWS think its a hoot, I just found a way to turn the negative to the positive.

J. N. from Minnesota