Dress Codes in the Workplace and Raynaud’s

Just found this quote in a legal newsbrief about dress codes in the workplace as they relate to Raynaud’s.  We had a member a couple of years ago who was let go from a theatre as a volunteer for this very reason – wearing a sweater!

The Americans with Disabilities Act & The Rehabilitation Act The ADA and Rehabilitation Acts require reasonable accommodation of employee disabilities. This may include modification of uniform requirements, dress code standards, and other appearance rules. For example, an employee with Raynaud’s syndrome, a circulation disorder, may require a modified dress code to stay warm, such as being allowed to wear a sweater or jacket over a uniform.

Here’s a link to the full newsbrief:  http://is.gd/4eVABq.  Ever had an issue on the job dressing to stay warm?  Please share your stories!