Member Tip: Kinesio Tape

Kinesio TapeJanet in NY is having success keeping her fingers warm while typing with a special tape developed to help heal muscle and joint injuries for athletes.  Here’s her story:

“I am a technology consultant and so am at the keyboard typing most of the day. My right and left index and middle fingers are particularly sensitive and burn. Since my computer has a trackpad and I also use my iPhone quite a bit, have thought I would try this tape developed for athletes to tape muscles, etc. It is called Kinesio and has very little adhesive. It was developed by a Japanese acupuncturist and chiropractor, which the company says has a texture and elasticity very close to living human skin. I have tried this on my fingertips and it does 2 things: my fingers don’t hurt or feel cold and I am still able to operate the trackpad and my phone, even with the tape…

This tape has been a godsend…In the last month or so, my fingers, especially index and middle have been really hurting and cold…So, I thought I would give it a try and see if it would help and would allow me to work…Maybe it does increase the circulation to my fingers. But I can definitely tell you they don’t hurt and you have almost full dexterity, certainly much better than with gloves. Lot’s of places sell it online. I put it from the top of the pad of my finger to midway between the first and second digit.”

We found this quote in an article on the tape from the New York Times reporting on its use by a member of the U.S. Olympic Volleyball team:

“Kinesio claims that in addition to supporting injured muscles and joints, the new taping method helps relieve pain by lifting the skin, allowing blood to flow more freely to the injured area.”

Here’s the Kinesio web site if you want to learn more.  Many thanks to Janet for sharing her tip.  Please let us know your experience if you try the tape!