The Ultimate Luxury: Heated Toilets

Ready for the ultimate luxury for a Raynaud’s sufferer?  How about a heated toilet?  The product is Kohler’s Numi.  This high-tech $6,400 toilet not only comes equipped with FM radio and stereo speakers for your MP3 player, it has a heated seat and can “blow heated air from its base, warming your feet on chilly mornings,” according to the October 13, 2011 article in the New York Times.

And the user can regulate the temperature (hmmmm!).  But wait, there’s more:  The Numi can sense a person’s presence and automatically open the lid for use.  No more spousal arguments about open lids!  All commands are driven off a touch screen remote that can be pre-programmed for individual preferences.

The article states that the audio quality was quite good, considering that you are listening to a toilet (funny!).  With heated seats, hot air for your feet, and your favorite music on command, this toilet is destined to be a Frostie favorite!