Worst Nightmare Sells Dreamwear

Imagine being buried up to your neck in snow or jumping into a frozen lake – as a Raynaud’s sufferer, this could be a nighmare!  We’d rather dream of heated jackets and boots keeping us insulated from the worst cold conditions.

Columbia Sportswear’s new heated clothing line of Omni-heat products has hired Wim Hof, a Dutchman who has trained his mind to help his body withstand impossibly cold conditions, as its new spokesperson.  A recent article on the relationship in the New York Times calls Mr. Hof the “anti-spokesman,” as Mr. Hof has little use for these products.  “There’s sort of an equivalency they’re trying to draw here that you wear the jacket and it’s like being him…Instead of product as hero, it’s hero as product.”

For more information on the Omni-heat products and Mr. Hof’s amazing ability to withstand cold through concentration and focused breathing techniques, click here.