Onion LogoThe digital news publication The Onion is known for its satirical articles on everything from politics to local news.  One of our Facebook followers found this recent spoof in The Onion reporting a young woman in Providence, Rhode Island who buried herself in her living room under a large blanket and vowed to stay there for five months until the weather is warm again.  Her rationale:  “Being warm is better than being cold.”

No one understands this woman’s mindset better than a Raynaud’s sufferer (perhaps she IS a Raynaud’s sufferer?), but you know this story isn’t true the minute you read that the blanket is made of cotton.  Come on, Onion, get your facts buttoned up!  No self-respecting Frostie would set themselves up for protection from five months of cold weather with nothing more than a cotton blanket, right?

Here’s the article.  Bet we could have written a more convincing version!  Girlfriend to Stay Underneath Blanket for Next 5 Months


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