Just Published: Raynaud’s Phenomenon – A Guide to Pathogenesis and Treatment

Wigley's BookDr. Fredrick Wigley of Johns Hopkins, along with several other noted specialists in the field, have just published a comprehensive book on Raynaud’s:  Raynaud’s Phenomenon – A Guide to Pathogenesis and Treatment.

It’s written for the medical community, but patients may find some valuable insights and information.  The publisher’s description says it all:  “…comprehensively reviews the understanding of a disorder that continues to challenge primary care clinicians and specialists alike.”  Such a true statement!

Contents include an historical overview of the disorder, definition and diagnostic criteria, pediatric Raynaud’s, secondary causes, other conditions that can mimic similar symptoms, treatment and management options, along with case studies.

Click here for more information, including the full chapter listing, free previews of some chapters, and ordering information.