Hot Facts About Raynaud’s

We hope the this infographic on Hot Facts About Raynaud’s will be useful in helping those with Raynaud’s identify their symptoms, help them understand that their pain and discomfort has a medical explanation, and encourage them to seek appropriate treatment options.

Most people (including many medical professionals) have little, if any, knowledge about Raynaud’s. But they should, because it’s a very widespread medical condition. And while for most people Raynaud’s may not be serious, it can be a sign – often the first sign – of a more serious autoimmune disease, so it warrants serious medical attention.

Facts include:

  • Raynaud’s incidence in the population
  • Gender differences for Raynaud’s
  • Key triggers for Raynaud’s attacks
  • Description of Raynaud’s symptoms
  • Most knowledgeable medical specialists
  • Treatment options
  • Lifestyle suggestions

Hot Facts About Raynaud’s

Hot Facts About Raynaud's

Special thanks to our friends at HeatMax, makers of Grabber® and HotHands® warmers, for helping us put together this infographic on Hot Facts About Raynaud’s.

For more information about Raynaud’s, check out our 35-page guide The Cold Facts on Raynaud’s at

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