Doctor Speaks without "DoctorSpeak" on Raynaud'sMost academic articles require a medical dictionary to understand them, but this one titled Raynaud’s Phenomenon by Frank L. Urbano, MD published in Hospital Physician several years ago does a good job of educating readers who aren’t part of the medical community (give or take a few words or phrases in medicalese, particularly the Pathogenesis section).  So refreshing when a doctor speaks without “doctorspeak” on Raynaud’s!

Contents include:

  • An overview of the discovery of the condition by French physician Maurice Raynaud in the late 1800’s
  • Differences between primary and secondary forms of Raynaud’s
  • Typical symptoms and color changes
  • Other diseases that could be mistaken for Raynaud’s
  • Diagnosis and treatment options

As this article was written in 2001, it unfortunately doesn’t cover some of the more recent treatments, such as ED drugs and Botox injections, but it does offer a helpful and educational summary that can arm patients with a good foundation of knowledge for a productive conversation with their physician.

Click here for the full article.


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