Doctor Speaks without "DoctorSpeak" on Raynaud'sMost academic articles require a medical dictionary to understand them, but this one titled Raynaud’s Phenomenon by Frank L. Urbano, MD published in Hospital Physician several years ago does a good job of educating readers who aren’t part of the medical community (give or take a few words or phrases in medicalese, particularly the Pathogenesis section).  So refreshing when a doctor speaks without “doctorspeak” on Raynaud’s!

Contents include:

  • An overview of the discovery of the condition by French physician Maurice Raynaud in the late 1800’s
  • Differences between primary and secondary forms of Raynaud’s
  • Typical symptoms and color changes
  • Other diseases that could be mistaken for Raynaud’s
  • Diagnosis and treatment options

As this article was written in 2001, it unfortunately doesn’t cover some of the more recent treatments, such as ED drugs and Botox injections, but