Wristify BraceletLast fall we published a post about a number of smart wearable products in development, including one called Wristify – a high-tech bracelet with a built-in thermostat.

The bracelet uses thermoelectric material and sensors that have learned your personal preferences to determine when to give your wrist a pulse of heat (or a cool blast), providing temperature relief to the wearer’s skin at the press of a button.

Every Raynaud’s sufferer reading this post is likely salivating to get their frosty paws on one of these devices, but they are still unavailable (so you can put your credit cards down now!).  But to whet our appetites and build demand for the product, the manufacturer recently published a video with testimonials from people trying the product for the first time, and it certainly looks like a winner!

Several testers were attracted to the product’s cooling function (e.g., for relief in the gym or a hot sweaty day on the subway).  But our interest is in listening to the responses from those seeking a dose of warmth from the bracelet.  Here are a few of their comments:

It was sort of like touching a warm radiator

That feeling in the winter, and you touch it and it’s like, “Oh that feels good!”

I can’t say “Hey building, turn your air conditioning down!” so this works, too!

Here’s the full video – enjoy!

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