Knitted Glove TechMuch as we love the concept of heated gloves, many of us have experienced the hurdles they present:  heavy batteries that dig into the wrist, thick material that makes it difficult to do simple tasks like putting coins in a parking meter, and more.  Those that offer greater dexterity tend to be made for less severe weather or to be used as liners, as air can pass through their lightweight knit fabric.

Recently we learned about a new knitting technology being developed in the UK that has the heat source knit right into the fibers of the glove – no wires with limited heat coverage.  It’s being created by the Nottingham Trent University Advanced Textile Research Team, and is receiving assistance in their testing by the Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Association (RSA) across the pond.  The description states “The heating elements are integrated into the knitted structure of the glove using advanced flat knitting technology, allowing them to be extremely thin and practical.”

The new heated gloves to be based on this technology promise some of the same benefits we’ve seen in the lighter weight heated gloves we’ve tested (thin, flexible, stretchy comfort and dexterity), so the jury is still out on their ability to truly block out Old Man Winter on the coldest days.  But we’re hopeful that with Frosties from the RSA involved in the testing, the outcome will result in an excellent option for warming cold paws in the future.

Here’s the article titled Knitted gloves will help relieve pain for Raynaud’s sufferers published in Innovation in Textiles.

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