Hot Products for Fall 2015

We’re always happy to share our product discoveries with fellow Frosties.  We haven’t tried these items, but they do look warm!

Heated WrapThe Heated Wrap – This product is like a heating pad or an electric blanket designed to wrap around you arms and shoulders, plus pockets for warming up frozen fingers!  Since it’s designed as a wrap, it drapes like an apparel item you’re comfortable wearing at the office without looking like you’ve donned a Snuggie.  Made of soft polyester fleece, the wrap has 4 heat settings and an auto-shut-off feature after 3 hours (in case you fall asleep curled up watching TV!).  There’s a generous 9 foot cord for lots of move around freedom.  Machine washable.  Comes in dark Slate grey with a lifetime guarantee from Hammacher Schlemmer for 59.95.  Better tell Santa!

Cold Killer PantsCold Killer Pants – Title Nine has several styles of pants for women designed to “win the cold war!”  One is called the Cold Killer Pant that sounds like a great winter solution for runners.  The front is made of a weather-proof shell fabric that’s windproof; the back is a wickable knit layer that helps regulate body temperature.  Designed to allow for easy movement and stretching – slim, but not tight, so there’s room for a base layer.  Other features include a zippered pocket and drawstring closure.  Reading the testimonials, one buyer was at first skeptical, but was won over by her first trial experience:  “…the loose fit acts like a down blanket does by trapping your body heat.”  Another buyer said, “Today I wore them inline skating. It is windy and cold today, and I didn’t feel the wind at all.”  I might have to try them for cross-country skiing!  Come in Regular, Short and Long lengths in sizes XS to XL for $99.

Janska MocSocksJanska Fleece MocSocks –  These booties are a hybrid between slippers and socks, made out of soft, cushy polyester fleece.  They have a non-skid sole for use indoors, but are also make toasty liners inside boots or toe warmers for bedtime.  The fabric in the soles is doubled for extra warmth.  There’s a great story behind the Janska brand.  It was founded by a woman named Jan Erickson.  After her friend experienced a stroke and had difficulty wearing regular apparel, Jan designed a jacket for her that turned into an entire product line that would give the disabled comfort, respect and dignity.  I don’t know how dignified you’ll look wearing these MocSocks, but they sure look comfy!  Available at Fair Indigo in fun combo colors of Black/Red, Kiwi/Royal, Forest/Crocus and Ocean/Sun in Unisex sizes S, M and L for $34.90.

If you try any of the above products, we’d love your feedback, and please share your new product finds with us. Write to, post them in our Discussion Forum or on our Facebook Fan page.