Raynaud's and the Workplace Finally an article that deals with Raynaud’s and the workplace – issues that can be specifically work related and associated with particular occupations.  It was published by Fit for Work, a government-funded organization in the UK that offers work-related health advice to employers and medical professionals.

For example, those who use vibrating tools and equipment (e.g. construction workers, plant and machine operators), or people whose occupations subject their hands/fingers to continued pressure (e.g., typists, stenographers, musicians), can develop Raynaud’s from the repetitive vibration associated with their work.

The form of Raynaud’s caused by the above activity is called Vibration White Finger (VWF).  More info on VWF is available in this blog post.

The Fit for Work article on Raynaud’s and the workplace also mentions the potential for developing frostbite injuries for those involved in agricultural and fishery occupations.  We’d like to add those who work in freezer environments (grocery stores, butchers), as well as outdoor occupations (postal workers, professional athletes).

Here’s a link to the full article.  Great that this issue is being flagged in the workplace!

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