Winter Survival Tips from a Fellow Frostie

Cold Weather GraphicWe came across a post from Susi Doyle’s blog Lost in Translation called “Surviving Winter with Raynaud’s.”  Susi is a professional writer, and does an excellent job of educating the reader on Raynaud’s phenomenon.

The post also includes a number of strategies that help Susi get through the winter, and we wanted to share them:

  • Stress Management – Susi makes an effort to maintain her work productivity habits and stays organized in colder months in order to rest easy and lower her stress levels.  She also practices mindful meditation.  Some Raynaud’s sufferers find that mind/body techniques (including meditation, biofeedback, tai chi) help reduce stress and lower the incidence of their attacks.
  • Reduce Caffeine – Not just coffee, but all caffeinated drinks.  She’s started drinking tea and notes the health benefits of green tea.  Keep in mind tea also contains caffeine unless it’s herbal, but a little caffeine in moderation is generally OK for most Frosties.  We’d also suggest hot chocolate is another good alternative. There’s some caffeine in chocolate, as well, but it’s also been labeled as good for circulation, especially dark chocolate (who knew!).
  • Exercise – Exercise is good for getting the circulation going.  Her routine includes cardio, strength training and some yoga.  She’s looking forward to trying hot yoga for obvious reasons!
  • Lots of Layers – She wraps in layers – camisole, sweater, scarf, gloves, glove liners, tights, etc. – for after-lunch walks which are good for moving the body and getting a little sun and Vitamin D.
  • Warming Devices for Work Activities – We were happy to see Susi uses some of our Sponsors’ products, including Wristies® for hand warmth while typing, and a rechargeable hand warmer (like the one from EnergyFlux) to keep handy by her desk.  She’s also conscious of not bending her wrists when typing in order minimize her carpal tunnel symptoms (which makes her Raynaud’s worse!).

We hope sharing Susi’s tips will give fellow Frosties some additional ideas for getting through the cold times!  Here’s a link to the full blog post “Surviving Winter with Raynaud’s.”