New Raynaud’s Public Service Announcements!

Our 2016-2017 Awareness Campaign efforts were just completed and our Raynaud’s public service announcements are ready to go!  They will be distributed to hundreds of television stations across the country in time to promote Raynaud’s Awareness Month (#raynaudsaware) this October, and will continue to run throughout the 2016-2017 season.

To date, our earlier public service announcements have achieved over 238 million impressions and generated over $6 million in donated media time, so we’re encouraged that the broadcast community will continue to support our cause.

You can view all of our public service announcements on our YouTube channel, or just click the embedded links below to see the new PSA’s.  Please help us spread the word. Share them with family and friends and on your social media pages.

Raynaud’s PSA:  30-Second Spot


Raynaud’s PSA:  15-Second Spot

If you like the music, stay tuned:  Nicole Edwards, a Canadian singer-songwriter and fellow Frostie, wrote the song for us.  We’ll soon be sharing a video of Nicole and her band performing the Raynaud’s Blues!

To view last year’s Raynaud’s public service announcements here’s the link: