Soletics Heated Smart Gloves Now Accepting Pre-Orders!

We first reported information about Soletics’ heated gloves in late 2014, with an update last spring, and have been following the product’s development over the last several months.

Finally, we have more news:  The Soletics team is gearing up for a product launch this winter. Vanessa Gore, the team’s Chief Communications Officer, tells us, “It has been a great journey, full of numerous product iterations based upon feedback from actual sufferers. Our team conducted thorough research of current product offerings on the market, and interviewed Raynaud’s sufferers to determine the most important features needed to alleviate symptoms. The Raynaud’s Smart Glove has been through eight major prototype revisions, rigorous lab testing, and is now undergoing “real life” testing to determine final changes before launch.”

The vision for the product is to offer an ultra-thin, battery-powered heated glove that is a two-part construct – one part is a thin textile glove; the other part is a powerpack that connects to the glove with smart technology.

What most interested us about the technology is how it incorporates individual heating zones for each finger, so more heat can be concentrated where it’s needed most.  The glove houses sensors in the fingers to measure the temperature of the wearer and the external environment; based upon these readings, the gloves automatically heat only the finger(s) needed. Plus, it’s programmed with a predictive capability and can adapt to the environment before the user ever experiences a temperature change, helping to ward off Raynaud’s attacks.

Soletics has worked to develop a glove that utilizes the least amount of power as possible while still providing an exceptional user experience and protection from Raynaud’s symptoms. As product development continues and the team is able to leverage advancing battery technology, Soletics will continue to reduce the size of the powerpack while continuing to improve performance and achieve the optimal vision for the smart glove.

The Soletics website is now live for pre-orders. The starter kit includes two gloves and two powerpacks, priced for a limited time at $200. Note: This is a limited release and the gloves are anticipated to be delivered mid-winter to help Frosties through a portion of this season’s coldest times.

If you have any questions regarding the product or launch, feel free to contact Vanessa Gore at


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