News IconThis was the second year we promoted October as Raynaud’s Awareness Month, and we’re happy to report the word is getting out to a wide audience.  Here’s a summary of some of the press and media activity:

Raynaud’s Association Press Release

In addition to the national distribution of our Raynaud’s Awareness Month press release with PR Newswire to 4,400 web sites and publications, we included mailing lists of hundreds of journalists representing rheumatology and women’s magazines that specifically requested news in our category.  Our new public service announcement, along with links to our web site accompanied the release.

While only a limited portion of coverage can be tracked back to the release, PR Newswire did supply the following statistics:

  • Release was picked up by 177 sites with a potential audience of 88 million.
  • It was tweeted 26 times to over 21,000 followers.
  • Compared to similar releases over PR Newswire, we ranked twice the industry average in traffic and engagement (e.g., shares, click throughs).

Traffic on our web site is up 24% from last October’s  event (which was also a significant increase above pre-RAM audience levels), so the exposure is surely helping to get the word out!

Raynaud’s Awareness Public Service Announcements

Our new public service announcements were released this fall to coincide with Raynaud’s Awareness Month and are generating significant exposure of our message. Since their release in September, they have achieved over 6 million impressions and generated over $1.5 million in donated media support– including 2,976 airings by the CNN Airport Network in all of the major Northeast markets.

Our original public service announcements also continue to run across the country.  For the month of October, these spots received over a million impressions and added an additional $265,000 in donated media.  To date over the past year, these spots have had over 18,500 airings, generating over 241 million impressions and received over $7 million in media exposure.

iHeart Radio Interview

Our founder and chairman Lynn Wunderman was interviewed on October 17th on the IHeart Radio show for women, Fearless Fabulous You!

The host Melanie Young is a fellow Frostie, and it was a good opportunity to discuss Raynaud’s symptoms, the issues associated with being properly diagnosed, along with coping strategies for Raynaud’s sufferers.

The interview is available at on the Fearless Fabulous You! website.

Consumer Reports Health Article

Consumer Reports published an article in October titled “Coping with Cold Hands and Feet: If your extremities feel frozen even when it&