Solitics RenderingLate last year we featured a new product in development by a technology start-up called Soletics.  The product is an ultra-thin, battery-powered wireless heated glove that is a two-part construct – one part is a thin textile glove; the other part is a powerband that connects to the glove with smart technology.

The product has two features we’ve not seen to date in heated gloves:  First, it incorporates individual heating zones for each finger, so more heat can be concentrated where it’s needed most.  Second, it’s programmed with a predictive capability and can adapt to the environment before the user ever experiences a temperature change, helping to ward off Raynaud’s attacks.

Best of all, Soletics is focused initially on serving the needs of Raynaud’s sufferers – a first!  The company’s management recognizes that the unmet needs of the sizable Raynaud’s community offers an attractive opportunity for launching the product.  The Raynaud’s Association is working with the team at Soletics to help ensure the product gets off to a good start.

Here’s a video from an interview with Vanessa Gore, the team’s Chief Communications Officer.  Can’t wait for the gloves?  You can preorder the product now, or keep watching our site for more information on the official product launch.  (Note:  There’s an ad in front of the interview, sorry!)

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