We were surprised to find an article titled “My Raynaud’s Disease Means I Have to Wear Gloves All Year Roundon Racked, Vox’s online magazine on style and shopping.

It’s an essay written by Jennifer Billock, a fellow Frostie, who shares her pain, along with her shopping and wardrobe challenges living with Raynaud’s.

It’s well-written, and surely fellow Frosties will identify with several of her references, such as:

  • Summer issues with air conditioning and beach breezes
  • How to look classy when you need to dress in so many layers
  • Never being able to wear sleeveless tank tops (without cover) or shorts
  • The complicated process of getting dressed in the morning given the day’s planned activities and multiple environments

Raynaud’s can be a very individualized experience, and we hear sufferers describe their symptoms in different ways.  Jennifer listed some issues that aren’t typical of what we hear, but can certainly understand, such as not being able to tolerate stores that are too warm because she’s so used to being so chilled.  Definitely not a complaint we hear often!

She also references a side effect of hearing loss associated with the calcium channel blocker drug she was prescribed.  That’s not a common side effect we’re familiar with, but everyone’s body is different.  There are, however, several different drugs in the category, so if the one you’re on isn’t working after giving it time and taking it up to the level you can tolerate, or you’re experiencing uncomfortable side effects, ask your doctor to try another one until you find one that works best for your body.

Here’s the link to the full article:  My Raynaud’s Disease Means I Have to Wear Gloves All Year Round

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