We came across a video that suggests citrus fruits can help keep your hands warm, seriously!  It’s published by NutritionFacts.org, an organization that provides updates on nutrition research.

In non-doctor speak, here’s the story: Albert Szent-Györgyi, the doctor who discovered Vitamin C, also discovered a class of nutrients called flavonoids.  One nutrient in this class is called hesperetin, and it’s found in citrus fruits – oranges are particularly high in hesperetin levels.

Hesperetin is said to increase blood flow, and the video goes on to report the results of trials among females said to have cold sensitivity (not specifically Raynaud’s sufferers), and measured their response to being exposed to air conditioning, plus their recovery after plunging their fingers in cold water.  Each test involved a control group that received Kool-Aid as a placebo.

Results were measured using a laser doppler device and found that consuming the citrus drink enabled the women to maintain more steady blood flow when exposed to cold air, and that they recovered normal blood flow faster than the control group after dipping their fingers in chilled water.