Seeking Mysterious Zombie Hands Videos

We’re doing a “Mysterious Zombie Hands” theme for Raynaud’s Awareness Month, talking about the way hands can turn ghoulish white during attacks and how the phenomenon has mystified the medical community for over 150 years.

We’re hoping this Halloween-inspired approach will attract attention in October for the event, and would love to have some videos to circulate during the month to help make the point.

Can you help us?  Channel your inner ghoul and think about how you might demonstrate an attack (maybe in costume?).  You’re welcome to take liberties with the theme, for example, Dracula sucking the blood out of your fingers and toes (well, it’s not that far off…).

All we ask is to keep the content in good taste (no pun intended with the suggestion above!), and be advised the Raynaud’s Association will maintain the rights to share and promote all submissions.

Please email your submissions to, and you’ll be notified if your video has been selected to share during Raynaud’s Awareness Month.

We’re hoping some of the videos will go viral and help educate the public about this widespread but little known medical condition.  We’ll really appreciate your efforts!