Award Winning Raynaud’s Image

Award Winning Raynaud's ImageThe University of Bath sponsors an annual competition called Images of Research, challenging researchers to capture the impact of their projects with just one image and a short description.  We’re happy to announce this year’s award winning Raynaud’s image in The Best Graphics category is “Cold hands, warm… gloves?” by Dr. Jo Daniels (Department of Psychology) depicting the group’s work in the area of Raynaud’s behavioral research.

The entry states that given the “lack of treatment options” for Raynaud’s sufferers, the team’s work is focused on promoting improved self-management and avoiding serious life-changing consequences, such as ulcers, gangrene and amputation.

These outcomes are only found in the most severe cases, and there are treatments available for highly severe Raynaud’s sufferers (e.g., calcium channel blockers, ED drugs, iloprost injections, sympathectomy procedures).  Still we’re very glad to see the issue being researched, and even more delighted to see such a heart-warming graphic related to their work being recognized.

The award winning Raynaud’s image shows the painful color changes of a severe sufferer’s fingers turning dark blue/greyish black, supported by red-gloved hands symbolizing the therapeutic benefit resulting from new behavioral changes that can help the patient regain blood flow.

The submissions were accompanied by a 150 word or less plain English description of each research project.  Here’s the full entry for “Cold hands, warm… gloves?