It’s all over the news that plastic straws – one of the few protective devices Raynaud’s sufferers can use to avoid holding a cold glass directly – may soon be no more, and that’s the last straw for many Frosties!

Plastic straws are considered pollutants, even though their materials are, in fact, recyclable.  But unfortunately because of their small size, many recycling facilities lack the capability to process and recycle them.  So now several cities and restaurants across the U.S. are considering banning these handy little drink sippers, thus taking away one of the few devices Frosties have available to keep from directly holding a cold drink to avoid setting off a Raynaud’s attack.

For Raynaud’s sufferers looking for new strategies to enjoy cold drinks, here are a few options:

  • Glasses with stems (hold onto the stem)
  • Insulated tumblers (while the insulation keeps the drink cold, the outer layer doesn’t chill)
  • Mugs (hold the handle)
  • Double up on plastic cups (adds more insulation for the fingers)

When given a choice, plastic is less painful than glass.  If the drink is already chilled, avoid ice altogether.

And let’s say a prayer for plastic straws.  They’ve been Frosties’ great friends for many years and our cold fingers will miss them…

One final note:  More recent articles on the subject state that some restaurants and hotels will offer paper straws, but you’ll have to request them, they won’t offer them up.  So raise your frosty paws when served a cold drink and request a paper straw to protect them!

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