Penn Medicine’s web site offers an excellent overview on Raynaud’s titled “The Cold Truth About Raynaud’s.

The information covers:

  • A definition of Raynaud’s and a description of the experience during attacks
  • Difference between the primary vs. secondary forms of Raynaud’s
  • How Raynaud’s is diagnosed and tests performed to determine the secondary form
  • Lifestyle suggestions to help avoid attacks

What we particularly appreciate about this article is the inclusion of several causes of secondary Raynaud’s that are often not mentioned, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, use of certain medications (migraine drugs, beta blockers, antihistamines and cancer treatments), use of vibrating tools and equipment (can result in a form called Vibration White Finger), and exposure to certain toxins and chemicals (such as vinyl chloride).

They also do a good job of explaining the tests performed in diagnosing secondary Raynaud’s – even tell you how to pronounce “nailfold capillaroscopy” and what the doctor is looking for during the study.  That’s seldom done, bravo Penn!

Here’s the full article:  The Cold Truth About Raynaud’s


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