Raynaud’s Featured on the Today Show Web Site

Raynaud's Featured on the Today Show

We were so excited to see Raynaud’s featured on the Today Show web site! The article is titled What is Raynaud’s disease? The disorder that causes white or blue fingers, toes.

It offers substantial information, including several pictures of the color changes during attacks, definitions, statistics, causes, diagnosis, complications and treatment options.

We especially liked that they covered how Raynaud’s is an issue year-round for many sufferers, how it affects other extremities beyond fingers and toes, and how it can be caused by the use of vibrating equipment (Vibration White Finger) and certain medications. These are areas not often included in content about Raynaud’s.

While they do discuss the diagnosis process, we wish they had been more clear that there is no formal test for Raynaud’s. A doctor has to witness the color changes during an attack, view pictures presented by the patient or listen to them describe their symptoms. Once it’s clear that Raynaud’s is an issue, blood tests and procedures including a nailfold capillaroscopy are used to determine if a patient’s Raynaud’s is the secondary form associated with more serious autoimmune and connective tissue diseases.

But it is all good fact-based information. And Today’s article references how several Frosties carry “warming supplies” and dress for the cold all-year round. Great that they are helping to get the word out that we’re not crazy, we’re just cold!

The Raynaud’s Association has pitched the Today team in the past about coming on the show with products we’ve tested for staying warm. Maybe now they’ll take us more seriously!

Here’s the full article with Raynaud’s featured on the Today Show: What is Raynaud’s disease? The disorder that causes white or blue fingers, toes.

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