Can Cocoa Flavanols Help Frosties

Know how chocolate always helps when you have the blues? Well it’s not just anecdotal, there’s science behind this statement. And we continue to see information reporting other health benefits of the flavanols found in dark chocolate and cocoa powder, such as improved cognition and heart health. So it makes us wonder: Can cocoa flavanols help Frosties?

Some experts believe that improved blood flow is behind the positive reports on cocoa flavanols benefiting brain and heart health. For example, a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed “a 24% increase in flow mediated artery dilation (FMD), a common measure of circulation, two hours after participants consumed 900mg of cocoa flavanols. Increases in FMD climbed steadily with daily flavanol use, nearly doubling by week three.” That’s doctor lingo for fl